Ways to Identify A Poor-Quality T-Shirt vs A Good Quality

Buying a new t-shirt seems simple but it's not. Due to the fact that it is so common, you might not pay as much attention to the quality when buying it. But the way to hidhide poor quality has been mastered by lots of manufacturers.

A poorly-made t-shirt will not last long, it will fade, shrink, and even fall apart. It's very important to understand the difference between a good quality t-shirt and a bad quality t-shirt. So, if you're looking for a good t-shirt that's where this guide comes in. In this guide, you'll learn how to identify a poor and good-quality T-shirt.

So, let's get started!

What To Look For When Identifying Good And Poor Quality T-shirts?

A good quality t-shirt is comfortable, durable, and attractive. That's why we've highlighted some major factors that you should definitely consider before buying a t-shirt

1- The Fabrics

Actually, if you are looking for a t-shirt, you should first look at the fabric. The fabric determines the wearability and longevity of a t-shirt. On our side we maily use very high quality organic cotton. But there is obviously lost of fabrics avaialble.

The different fabrics weight categories

Low quality

If the fabric is made of thin threads, it is going to be a lighter material. That means it is going to wear off easily and it is also less expensive. Additionally, with every wash, it loses fibers, and eventually, it won't be usable anymore.

A low-quality t-shirt can be between 120 and 140 gsm. Usually, you'll find them for around 10$ to 15$, but they won't last long.

Mid to heavy weight

Basically, a good-quality t-shirt is made of a durable material with thick fabric. That's why it provides a comfortable fit and doesn't shrink.

In fact, among the 160 gsm to 190 gsm weight category, you will find superior and durable quality shirts. Actually, at this stage, you will start noticing the difference in the quality of the fabrics. Definitely, the price will be high in this category, but so will the quality.

Premium weight

You enter the premium category if you have over 200gsm. In terms of the fabric, it is usually a similar weight to a polo shirt. In this category, you’ll find the t-shirts that are more comfortable and will last for a long time. We did a lot of test and for our white and black we decided to go with a 220 gsm see our t-shirt

Is weight the only way to judge T-shirt quality?
The fabric

Most T-Shirts have no information regarding weight on the label. Ultimately, the weight is not everything, fiber quality is what matters the most and it can be felt by touch. Here are some test you can do. We use those when we develop our prouct and when checking quality of fabrics. There is obvously a lot more involve but those will help you identify poor quality t-shirts.

Test one
The drap test

The drap test is an effective method for checking t-shirt quality. If you want to perform the drop test, you just have to take off the shirt and hang it on a hanger. Place your hands underneath the shirt then lift the bottom of the shirt (the part where the arms are) up, and let go.

If the shirt falls into shape smoothly without wrinkles, you've got a high-quality shirt. If the shirt folds badly or wrinkles easily, it's not worth keeping.

Poor Quality fiber check

The fibers of the t-shirts will be short, not resistant to friction, and partially damaged if they are made from poor-quality material. You should make sure there are no open or uneven threads. The 2 tests you can perform are listed below.

1. You can stretch the cloth and test it to see if it returns to its original state. If it doesn't return to a place, then it will likely lose its shape quickly. By stretching the cloth, you can also see whether the treads are even or not.

2. You can create a bit of friction by rubbing the fabric together for a couple of seconds. If you see signs that fibers may break, then that is probably not a good sign and you should avoid that t-shirt.

From these 2 tests, you can easily guess which t-shirt is of poor quality. Note that poor fibers will also have a tendency to shrink more. 

The construction quality what to look for


The first thing that you should check when looking at the t-shirt is the stitching. The stitching should be tight and neat so that it doesn't come undone. If you see that there are any holes in the stitching, this is not a good sign.

Finish edges

 If the finished edge comes out, it's a sign of poor quality.

Poorly sewn

If you place the shirt flat on a surface and the shirt doesn’t lay flat and always look a bit twisted, it is most likely poorly sewn. Also, you should avoid a t-shirt with uneven seams.

The collar

 It is important that the collar is well-structured. In case it falls forward while you're trying it on, that’s a sign of bad quality because it won't hold its shape. That's why in higher-quality t-shirts, you will find the seam in the neck covered for greater comfort and structure.

Dye And Print

Isn't it annoying when your shirt fades after washing it? The hardest part of buying a new t-shirt is figuring out the color. Actually, you should always choose the non printed t-shirt over the print one if they are both the same price. Because manufacturers certainly had to reduce costs on other things by making printed t-shirts, so, the plain shirt is a better option.

Conclusion - A Few Final Thoughts

All In All, t-shirts are an essential item of clothing. And it's very important for you to know the difference between good and poor quality t-shirts. Because a poorly-made t-shirt is not going to last long and you shouldn't purchase them. However good quality t-shirts are more durable and will last for a long time.

We hope after reading this guide, you will be able to identify a good-quality t-shirt that will be worth your money. So make your decision wisely. Furthermore, if you've any queries regarding this guide, feel free to drop a comment below. Thanks For Reading This Guide!

I took us more then 6 months to create our t-shirts. It may seem easy but this is probably one of the product that is the most difficult to developpe. Try one of our t-shirt you will see the difference.