How sustainable is recycled polyester

We definitely need to recycle more

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Polyester in fashion

About 49% of the world's clothing is made from polyester, with statistics predicting that the percentage will increase further in the coming years. It is used in the textile industry a lot, sportswear and outdoor clothing and many others.

How recycled polyester is made?

Recycled polyester is obtained from used plastics such as bottles and other plastic waste. What would otherwise have been discarded as a useless waste product is processed to produce a valuable resource. This makes recycled polyester an essential element in strategies to rationalize the consumption of natural resources, as the continued use of virgin polyester is not particularly environmentally friendly.

Some of the environnemental benefits of recycled polyester

45% less energy

by using recycled polyester rather than its virgin counterpart, we can generate significant energy savings in the conversion process up to 40-45%

Use 20% less water

The choice of recycled polyester also results in a 20% reduction in water consumption

Produce 30% less CO2

It's production process is a lot more gentle on the environnement

Sustainable fiber

The strategic advantage of using recycled polyester, compared to virgin polyester, is the reduction in the amount of plastic waste thrown away. Plastic waste such as bottles are used and processed to produce recycled polyester fibers. This is good for the environment as recycling reduces the amount of pollution generated on the oceans, land and air, as well as allowing us to use less petroleum resources for the production of virgin polyester.

The fabric benefits

Merino wool is breathable fabric


merino wool is 6 time stronger then cotton


Keep it's color

Dry quickly

Merino wool is soft, the benefit of merino wool


Stain resistant

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