Doing things responsibly
our 4 pillars


When you choose a responsibly made garment, you promote transparency, environmental responsibility and change in the way clothes are produced.

1 - Sourcing responsibly

It all starts with fibers and fabrics. We work hard and are committed to finding fabrics that meet our high standard without harming the world we live in. This goes up to the way it’s cultivated so we minimize chemicals and pesticides for example. To how much it travels, how it can save water and minimize CO2 emissions.

Recycled polyester

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Merino wool

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Organic cotton

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2 - Craftmanship and people first

We only support manufacturers who produce ethically. We make sure that the health, safety, and wages of the workers who make our products are a priority. We work with partners that have the highest standards, so that all of our products are built to last, have an incredible fit, and will stay with you a long time. We look at their geographical location that offers strict regulations so that we are sure it’s not only smoke and mirrors.

We also associate with manufacturers that are in a closer range so our clothes don’t end up traveling all across the world to get to us.

3 - Design responsibly

After everything we saw behind the scenes, we are firm believers that less is more. We don’t do ever-changing collections, countless products, we only focus on the essentials.

Let’s face it we all have go-to pieces that we wear day after day and the rest of the wardrobe just ends up sitting there for nothing.

The industry is producing 400% more clothes than 20 years ago but 60% of them end up in the trash before a year of usage.  So we believe that designing responsibly is producing clothes that you are going to wear time after time and that won’t go out of style.

4 - Customer satisfaction

In all of our processes we are not reinventing the industry and mostly going back to the basics.

At the base of every company are the clients. It seems a lot of companies these days have forgotten about that. With our friends, family, and a great community that supports the same values we will have a greater impact.

This is why we put them first, they keep us accountable, help us find new ideas, and make us wake up every day with the goal of making a difference.

For a positive change

We all have a say in the future of the fashion world. That's why at Canada Beast, we challenge ourselves to rethink the ways we source our products, select textiles that increase performance, have style and are sustainable. We believe when we collectively do the right thing, whether it's in small ways or big we can have a great impact.

Remember you are a BEAST, go have an impact